We can help you:


Maximize IOLTA Revenue

  • Revenue Enhancement Strategies
  • Compliance and Monitoring Programs
  • Bank Recognition Programs
  • Identifying Lost Revenue Sources
  • Bank Negotiations and Support
  • Track Attorneys, Firms & Accounts for Compliance and Revenue Recovery
  • Customized Reporting and Analysis

Minimize Program Costs

  • Automated Solutions
  • Reduce Processing Time and Costs
  • Off-site Hosting of Hardware and Software Option
  • Strategically Outsource Support Services to Minimize Staffing and Program Costs
  • Outsource Data Collections and Payments Option
  • Flexible Fee Structure Based on Program Size

And... Communicate Effectively

  • Award-winning Website Design and Hosting to Deliver Your Message
  • Customized Reports and Statistics to Target and Support Your Message
  • Advance Projections and Analysis to Develop and Streamline Your Message